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  • Lets Talk Declaration of Independence February 19, 2021
    I know the famous parts of the Declaration of Independence. Recent events however, have forced me to go back and start reading all of the words in this and the Constitution and boy! I am surprised at all that's in there that I didn't realize! Join me as I discuss the Declaration of Independence and […]
    David J Brock
  • Trump Acquittal, what next? Lets talk about unity and organizing! February 16, 2021
    Trump Acquittal, what now? We need to organize. Tips on how to organize, free speech, separation of church and state, and finish off with some Call of Duty (CoD)
    David J Brock
  • Impeachment Hearing and Democrats Leading the Pitty Party February 13, 2021
    Today I'm really just bitching about the impeachment hearings. These Democrats and their whining are absurd. We discuss the impeachment managers crying over things that aren't worth crying over and laugh about how the defense calls them out on their idiotic ways.
    David J Brock
  • The Lies are Everywhere, the Hunt for Truth. February 7, 2021
    Lies are running ramped in the United States! AOC lies about having her life in danger, COVID-19 Lies, Vaccination lies, Election Fraud, Impeachment of President Donald Trump, Wal street, satanists what the actual fuck, over! How many lies are going on at once? Why is the media not investigating this shit? Why is the DOJ […]
    David J Brock
  • Teens Caught on cam Beating Pregnant Woman and her toddler July 27, 2020
    Teens Caught on cam Beating Pregnant Woman and her toddle! NFAC negligence causes injury to it's own members WTF NFAC? And what's the difference between calling another man a "penis" versus calling him a "dick"?
    David J Brock
  • No State is Safe from Liberals! July 17, 2020
    Liberals.... They're everywhere they're everywhere. New term "upper-middle-class panhandler" CHOP/CHAZ no more.
    David J Brock
  • Hypocrisy of Democrats July 17, 2020
    Irony of the democrats. Kente cloth and the white people wearing it who don't deserve to wear it. Hypocrisy of Dems hating Trump and then doing the same thing themselves.
    David J Brock
  • When protests turn to riots! July 17, 2020
    Audtopsies of George Floyd. When protests turn to riots! There's a difference as we discuss the differences between the protests and riots in America.
    David J Brock
  • Discussion of George Floyd and the news immediately after the incident. July 16, 2020
    Discussion of George Floyd early after the news comes out.
    David J Brock

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September 2021


Hello from the inhabitants of the Cookie Crumb Express. Life has been an Adventure. First there was Pa and Ma. Of course at that point, that’s all there were of us. But as if magic soon others started reporting in for duty.


As some of you may know the CookieCrumbBlog ceased to function. This is our attempt to start over and rebuild. I told you life is an adventure.


We initially set this thingie up as a “Touchstone” for our kids and their spouses who are geographically spread out these days.


We have 5 kids and 6 grandkids (still counting) and we are very proud of each and everyone of them.


The amazing thing about kids is that they each so different and interesting.


So, we take if from here. Rebuilding and sharing. Let the dance begin!

Summer is coming

Time to get an education in the fun field of politics. I can hardly wait (stifling a gag reflex reaction.)

Home Schooling

The process begins. Doodlebug and Repete are to be the first victems. (Insert devilish laugh here)

Fishing and Shooting

If you don’t have some fun … why bother … oh yea and cigars too. Doodlebug once told me and Gr@Ym@n smoking cigars would “kill the moon”. We will find out!