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The place where we can visit online

It’s cheaper than air fare or gas

and motels.

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Hello from the inhabitants of the Cookie Crumb Express. Life has been an Adventure. First there was Pa and Ma. Of course at that point, that’s all there were of us. But as if magic soon others started reporting in for duty.


As some of you may know the CookieCrumbBlog ceased to function. This is our attempt to start over and rebuild. I told you life is an adventure.


We initially set this thingie up as a “Touchstone” for our kids and their spouses who are geographically spread out these days.


We have 5 kids and 6 grandkids (still counting) and we are very proud of each and everyone of them.


The amazing thing about kids is that they each so different and interesting.


So, we take if from here. Rebuilding and sharing. Let the dance begin!

Summer is coming

Time to get an education in the fun field of politics. I can hardly wait (stifling a gag reflex reaction.)

Home Schooling

The process begins. Doodlebug and Repete are to be the first victems. (Insert devilish laugh here)

Fishing and Shooting

If you don’t have some fun … why bother … oh yea and cigars too. Doodlebug once told me and Gr@Ym@n smoking cigars would “kill the moon”. We will find out!