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The End is NearThe End is Near, the presidential elections are today November 3rd of the year 2020 of our Lord. Many act as if today determines the fate of the world. I chose “The End is Near” or “The End is Nigh” because I feel it closely reflects how most grown adults are acting.  I also want to put this post up before any results are calculated.

Why Post this Prior to Results:

I am writing this prior to the results of todays election because I want to have this here before anyone could claim that “You just said that because who you wanted won!” or “You just said that becuase who you wanted to win lost!” It’s very important that this comes from a non-bias point of view.

No Matter What the Outcome:

This world is going to wake up tomorrow, and continue on with life. Look I know it sucks when who you want to be president is NOT elected. The whole world feels like it’s ending. It gets dark and your life becomes worrysome beyond belief. I grew up, and Clinton was going to bring the country as we knew it to an end… Then Obama was going to bring this country as we knew it to an end… I gaurantee whoever wins the election, for at least half-ish of us is going to “bring the country as we know it to an end!”


The truth of the matter is this. The founding fathers put many checks and balances in the political system of this country for a reason. No one man will determine the end of this country. If there is one man who decides I’m confident the problem will work itself out.

During my Masters of Arts in Strategic Security Studies, I learned much about the political and historical side of many different countries. I came to my own determination that, just as in life, there is a roller-coaster of good/bad politics and political decisions. Some days will be good and cruising smoothly through life, the next day you’re going to be screaming your head off headed down hill at ungodly speeds, certain of imminent death.

Keep Shit in Perspective

My daddy always said something that helped me get through many challenges in life, and I don’t think it was intended to be a life lesson but it makes sense.

“The world is round, we will get there eventually.”

No matter what twists and turns (and even wrong turns) happen today the world will correct itself. The problem is everyone makes everything so damn complicated! In God We Trust! It’s that simple. This great nation was created believing a higher power is in charge. There’s no change today.

Sometimes we get EXACTLY what we ask for. God’s way of helping us learn I guess. Even if it’s not what I wanted, apparently a majority wanted it.

Don’t Get Me Started:

Don’t get me started on whoever wins/loses the “popular vote.” That argument didn’t work for me when Clinton won, and it won’t work today for whoever wins. There is an electoral college for a reason to ensure that every state is represented proportionally. Think about it… if there were 2 million people in new york, and 10 people in Kansas, New York would get whatever New York wanted EVERY TIME. So the electoral college is a way that Kansas gets a say so in the state of this country.

So to everyone who throws the “popular vote” argument, I’m already negating your opinion because you’re an idiot. Yes I argued it back in the past, I was an idiot then too. So bare in mind, at some point we are all idiots.

In Conclusion:

The world is NOT ending today. God’s in charge of when it ends, not you.

Keep shit in perspective ups and downs are a part of life it’s what reminds us that faith is necessary to keep life balanced.

No matter what happens there are still many good people out there. Some we agree with, some we don’t agree with and FREEDOM is what allows us to disagree peacefully.

No matter what violence is created, those violent people are a small minority. They are weak minded and just looking for trouble. Human nature is to want a peaceful place to be with your family. It comes down to the basic necessities of life. Food, Water, Shelter, Security… those who shake any of this up are trying to make you question yourself.

Don’t fall for the hype, life is good, I got dry socks on.