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Local Neighborhood “Karen”

Alrighty folks. So Up top on this is the scratchpicture of the day!

What is this picture? THIS is the scratch on a brand new mini cooper that belongs to a lady who moved into our neighborhood about 2 weeks ago.

Now I was called outside to her irately telling children who have been here all their lives “don’t ride your bikes here! you can’t ride your bikes here!”  And she explains to me that “your son scratched my car”

Ok Cool, here’s my insurance.

A couple days later she called my phone 8 times while I am trying to work, called the landlord who owns my property and her property, attempted to add me on her LinkedIn and e-mailed me to tell me…

“The damage will cost over 2000 dollars, my deductible is $1000, I need you to get back with me on paying me that today.”

Yeah, right!

Ok so long story short I’m posting the estimate she sent me, you can see that she’s trying to get her whole car panted over this scratch. Even talking to Geico (since it’s a bicycle not a car) they won’t cover it under my insurance so she needs to claim it under hers and have a Geico appraiser appraise the damage.

Geico is happy to have me because I sent in the photo’s of the scratch and the estimate of repainting the whole car. They are filing it so when she makes her claim they have that with it. Even Geico said “there’s no way that will cost 2000 dollars, that won’t even be high enough to meet her deductible.”

Geico told me to cut communication and said she’s on the brink of “harassment” and she needs to contact them and go through them. They can send me what their appraisal is and I can pay that but as of right now I’m not paying to repaint your entire car Karen!

Here’s the estimate she sent me…

This is just one page but I you can click on it for the entire document. Notice it covers most of the car, not the rear driver side quarter panel where the scratch is that can be buffed out.

I will post links to more stories later this evening but as of now my day has been wasted by Karen!