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Recap: December 6 “Trump Team Removes Members of Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board, Business Board

Fast Forward December 8  (Today): “Pentagon Installs 2 Trump Allies on Defense Advisory Board”

Interesting The Purpose of These Guys is this…

And Section 1 of the Executive Order mentioned in the post below this one is …



Trumps 46 Minute Speech was More than it Seems

Exibit A) The wording in Trump’s speech means things.

Exibit B) Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election Section 2, Subparagraph (a) (i) Describes WHO the government can sieze property and finances including coorporations.

In Depth Explanation:

Real People, REAL views!

Love these sorts of things!

Sounds like Dominion’s CEO Needs to Appear “or else”!

“Sounds like a lot of people are ready to unfriend Mark Zuckerberg.”

Rewind! Lets Talk More About Hunter Biden and China!

Dominion Sucks AGAIN… just sayin…

Texas Sues Swing States! That’s why we love Texas