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X22 Report: Ep. 2386b – The Great Awakening, See The Difference, How Do You Inject Legal Evidence? Optics

I’m Fairly Certain, Federal Employees Cannot Participate in THIS

A beautiful mosaic of all those this person locked up and kept in past their time served.

Oh and side note… for those attempting to shame me by telling me that Kamala won’t hear me but my daughter will. Good! I want my daughter to NOT grow up to be a scum sucking leach of a whore. You cannot convince me that simply because she is a woman and vice president that we need our daughters to look up to these sleazy examples of what NOT to do. By letting your daughters look up to this YOU are telling them its ok to sleep your way to where you want to go. You are letting them see that positions are not earned they are given out in the name of equality which is ironic because my daughter is white “equal opportunity” does not apply. If you have a problem with me having a problem with this piece of shit, then just keep scrolling and block me on your way out. Everyone who looks over the evil to pretend things are good are not who I want in my corner.

“The Masterpiece”


“We Are Looking into having China to Rely on reguarding National Defense”- Lloyd Austin, Biden’s Nominee to lead Pentagon.

“Considering defunding, maybe disbanding U.S. Army” – Lloyd Austin, Biden’s Nominee to lead Pentagon.