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I’ll Admit, It’s All a Bit, Overwhelming!

You saw the amount of questions I had for yesterday’s post. And I’m telling you, everytime I turn around there’s more questions and less answers. At some point an individual (like me) will have to realize and understand that this is way too much for little old me. Especially with my whole audience who problably consists of family and a couple friends.

I have tried to focus on sharing everything I am seeing that brings up these questions and some of the info that attempts to answer these questions. Last night while reflecting on a few things and reading a bible, it hit me that everyone out there that I’m finding information has a theory to an answer and a timeframe. These are awesome and keep hope going and then let us all down when the timeline passes with nothing coming to fruition.

I looked into one of Mike Podesto’s tweets it was Hebrews 11:1, and ultimately it’s a definition of faith. Everyone who is attempting to be on top of what’s going on the answer comes down to Faith. It’s not so much a hope thing. God always wins, he’s in charge you know! But hoping that things magically get fixed without adding the necessary faith that God will take care of us is inconceivable.

Balance is a necessity

With that said, it’s like waiting on Christmas and trying to catch Santa Claus. Every little noise you hear is a reindeer or an elf. Every creek makes you jump out of bed to go see Santa Claus. Which just makes enjoying the moment quite impossible. With all these great answers of when everything will be “fixed” I have allowed myself to jump on every event that happened thinking “ok this is IT!” and it’s not. I want the answer so bad that I start creating an answer and a timeline. Everytime I am wrong I feel failure, abandoned, stabbed in the back. Why? Do I not still have faith that God will take care of me? I’m allowing strangers to dictate my emotions. My feelings of hope are all false if I forget to have faith, without I am certain to always be let down.

Ultimately, faith in God is hope that will never let us down. Man will let us down left and right. As a human, we all have faults and we are all imperfect. So who’s to say that because someone told me a date and time for all to be revealed is wrong? Is he a bad person? Is it his fault that my hope was crushed? No, he passed the message he felt he needed to pass. An attempt to pass a message you feel necessary to speak is God working through people to maintain that hope because God knows that as humans we need that next portion of reassurance. Do not confuse your hope and disappointment to be God nor that one man failing you. For as soon as you turn a corner there is more hope to be found as God allows others to pass messages that build hope.

Humans are Fallable

Naturally, we are all guilty of sin. As the humans we are, that God made us we want the bad to be gone and the good to be here and we want it all yesterday! Timing… My dad loved some of the old commedians who would all say that the key to comedy is timing. The key to many things is timing. It could be argued that God could have turned this all around months ago and we’d be in a better place. Well yes but with that said those who don’t see the evil going on around the world may not be capable of seeing it had God shielded everyone immediately.

Much like children (seeing as we are God’s children) some lessons in life must be experienced, not read, not heard, experienced. How would anyone know true happiness without first knowing true sadness? How could anyone recognize good without having bad to compare it to? Sometimes all that’s really up to us as mere mortals, is to pray, to have faith that God will answer our prayers, and to have faith that God will always love us and care for us.

If not for being Overwhelmed I would not know how to let it go

I have found myself obsessed with this and everything going wrong¬† since November. Nearly 3 months of being on edge, of questioning everything, distrust for Media, distrust for Social Media, distrust for those in charge of the country. My poor wife and kids have dealth with alot, and that’s just me being obsessed and angry.

I try to explain to my wife what I see is wrong and everything around and she doesn’t see it, I get angry and I yell, but she honestly hasn’t seen it. “Free Will” is a bitch sometimes because it means that everyone can choose good or evil without me tellng them what’s good or evil. The balance to this is that my wife sees good in everything, while I see the evil in everything. It’s God’s way of balancing us I think and lately I haven’t been listening or balanced.

Lets be honest

I lost faith when my father passed away. I have seen so much evil on my deployments that you start wondering if there really is any good out there. I have lost friends to war, of which I cannot count all of them. At times, I cannot recall all of them. Once my dad died, it pushed me over the edge. The “goodest” man I knew was no longer here to guide me. I lost direction, I lost enthusiasm for life, I lost motivation, and most devistatingly… I lost faith.

NOW… with what’s going on right now, I see the devastation of me losing faith. Unfortunately, God is now showing me the reason to have faith is essential. God works in funny ways you know. Ask for patience and He will give you opportunity to be more patient. Ask for faith, and God will give you opportunity and reason to have faith.

I will continue to share stories as I find them in an attempt to let everyone know the things I find or see that the News is NOT bringing, or that social media is blocking. But I will be taking a bit more time out of my day to rediscover faith in God. I highly reccomend to you as well. To take this time, and not fret about everything evil around, but rather focus your energy and spare time on building back up that faith that many of us have lost throughout life.