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Document: Part 2 of Many

Part 3

In the previous document, I discussed some issues with the republican party and our lack of being united. So what is there to do about this? How can I have anything to do with the outcomes of the future republican party? How can I get involved? Where do I start? There are many questions I have myself. I have never involved myself much in politics. Politics was an auto-pilot where I wait 4 years for the 2 names and vote for president. Now that I see deeper into this rabbit hole, I realize how lost a person can become.

I do not have all the answers. Together we will discover this info with you on this journey. This is what I know and what I have experienced. For starters, I contacted via e-mail my local republican contact to ask how to take part in the republican party more. One week later, still no response. Kathi Smero at, if you see this blog I’m talking about you. I have noticed an up-tick in e-mails from the republican party asking for money though. I feel perhaps Kathi just submitted my e-mail address into a fund raising database so they can ask me for money multiple times a week. Kathi, that’s just lazy bitch! I sent an e-mail to you asking for how I can take part. I did not ask you where I can send a check, trusting it will go to the issues and people I support. Kathi, why assume I want to send a check to check a box? I do not trust you or anyone running the republican party.

So what do I do now that Kathi Smero (doesn’t that name sound made up all together)? I guess I work my way both horizontal and vertical. I start e-mailing other folks in nearby areas with equivalent positions as Kathi to compare who is going to do the right thing and who’s just another made-up name. I’m also going to go vertical, working my way up the chain in order to inform higher people that those below them are dropping the ball. I do not think the republican party realizes how angry we are. Perhaps they are so “out of the loop” with reality that they do not understand that the republican party has let everyone down. This is not just a “stupid democrats, won again” situation! This is cheating big time and although millions of us want investigations, the republican party did nothing. Let’s put that in perspective. The party who exists to represent their voters stood idle while democracy is being burned to the ground. You fool no one. Main stream media has zero trust from us, and if a republican throws out the same words and arguments that the mainstream does, we know we do not trust you either.

I think some in the republican party convince themselves that if they say the same thing that others say, then we will see they are telling the truth. The fact is, when you lie the same way others are lying you are no longer with us you are against us. If you sit idle while I ask what I can take part in, you are not with us you are against us. The concept is simple if you consider it. I am not happy with the outcome; you change. I do not change my expectations. You change the way you are handling the situation.

Lets use a sports analogy. If a football team is losing, the quarterback keeps throwing interceptions, the team changes tactics. Whether it’s putting in another quarterback, or to change to a running game, something changes. You will never see a quarterback who says “well the announcer said it’s over so it must be over we will play the next game and win.” Nope, in fact I believe if a quarterback quit, they would fire and replace the quarterback. Every one of you republicans who say “oh well we lost maybe in 4 years.” you need voted out and replaced. What you should have done was look into this obvious fraud that is all over the place. It’s funny, it reminds me of children in trouble when you catch them red-handed and they deny everything.

Me: What’s that in your hands?

Child: Nothing…

Me: No, I see it what is it?

Child: Nothing is in my hands…

Me: Look dude if I have to come over there and take it from you it’s going to be a bad day.


Me: Oh well then, nothing must be in your hands because you said it 3 times now. (not)

So, here I am, trying to figure out how to get involved. COVID is not much help at this point everyone who does not want real help or actual people involved use that as an excuse to not do their job. Look at the post office, I haven’t received one package on time from the post office since COVID started. I get daily e-mails of pictures of the mail I am supposed to find in my mailbox for the day, that are not in the mailbox by the end of the day. But that’s another issue for another time. Right now I am still trying to find out a nobody can do to help select those into the republican party. I’m half tempted just to see what I can pay to run for myself, just to get involved in something. Many positions out there have had only one person running for so long that a new person would get votes just to change things up. I do not know though; I have not figured out everything.