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Frankspeech Cyber Symposium

Arizona Audit, Cuomo is NOmo, Distractions, August is HOT, HOT, HOT

I had a plan initially today to post a bunch of videos in categories. Of course, that plan fell apart as issues arise with uploading and downloading and attempting to post. Instead, we discuss the current events just in case you’re missing it.

The Arizona Audit discovered there is more to the election than meets the eye. Yet, the Arizona Secretary of State and Elections folks waste the Senate’s time. I’m pretty sure if it was me who received a subpena and reply “no” a lot of legal shit would hit the metaphorical fan! I’m not clear why Dominion or the Arizona Elections committee get off disrespecting their bosses like that?

I’m confident that we will learn many things soon, and I’m confident many bad actors do not want us to. I can’t wait for the rest of the sheep to learn the truth. Prepare yourselves for many distractions to come soon.

Starting with Cuomo. Remember, he is a sacrificial lamb brought to slaughter to keep our attention off the other things going on. Ok, so he’s an asshole boss who abuses women and ensures they know their job is on the line if they dislike his abuse. That’s bad, yes. But add on to that, Trump gave New York an entire Navy SHIP as a hospital, and this evil genius sticks sick people into a nursing home with old people.

Cuomo murdered how many grandmothers and grandfathers in order to push masks and lock downs? Of course, the “death toll” is going to go sky high when you infect the weakest population in the country. Cuomo and his brother need to rot behind bars! Someone mentioned today with Cuomo and Newsome, “one down, one to go”, NOPE I refuse to settle for two. There are many more that two responsible for this fake COVID issue! Myself and about 80 million others in this GREAT Nation refuse to sit down and shut up until we sort this out! Everyone involved needs to fry on the electric chair!

Cuomo, Newsome, and Dominion are all acting as distractions right now.

What does that mean?

That means keep your eye on the prize. The Arizona Audit is just ONE domino. We need to keep focused on the results and what those results mean. We need to focus on all dominos, but this is what’s in front of us presently and what will get us to domino two, three, four, etc…

If you think August is hot, you’re right! If you believe in the “global warming” bullshit, you’re likely not going to believe what’s about to happen next! Keep focused! We are not alone!










This is going on worldwide. If you look anywhere other than YouTube and mainstream media, you will see protests worldwide. Protesting mask mandates, lockdowns, and COVID passports. Notice also, where are the protests NOT?






Pretty much all the countries that hate America! Now ask yourself this question: When was the last time that these other countries protesting, have been dealing with the same bad things at the same time? Oh, I don’t know… WWII?

Worth Noting:

Is George Floyd really important in the UK? Does he and American policing effect the UK? Then why on earth is BLM in the UK?

Is Europe and the UK dealing with fascism? No, is America fascist? No, then why is Antifa present in Europe and America?

The puppet master pulls the strings. Who is the puppet master? Why are “U.S.” issues causing anti-government groups to raise hell worldwide? We are in a war. It’s not a war of arms (yet) it’s a war of information. I keep hearing “unconventional warfare” but I have dealt with UW a lot and I’m not buying that explanation. UW is more of an uprising of civilians, trained to take on government officials. Much like the American Revolution.

No, it’s a psychological warfare. They make sane people feel crazy. They make crazy people believe they are “normal”. The devil is a trickster. This is a religious war! Good vs. Evil.