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Afghanistan with Matt Gaetz

I get asked often, “how do you feel about leaving Afghanistan?” As if anything I would have to say would make a difference. In my humble opinion, I would say “it’s long overdo, we should have left that shit hole a long time ago!” In fact, we shouldn’t have even had to deal with it. We should have gone there, realized Bin Ladin was NOT there, and searched elsewhere. There is nothing worth American lives in Afghanistan. Everyone is corrupt, and if you aren’t corrupt, you’re dead. It’s that simple!

Men treat women and children like livestock, and the women and children do any work, while the men do jack shit or go to town to get high. Where do most of the drugs in the world come from? Afghanistan! What do they do with wheat? trash it, you can’t make enough money with actual food as you can with poppy and marijuana. Matt says it better than I, in this video. So I thought I would share! Enjoy!