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Don’t Be Distracted… Shit is Trying to Happen Behind You.

For the 2nd Time, RedHead Bitch Denies Econ 101….


Durham and RussiaGate

US Attorney Nominee (YES ATTORNEY) Against Crime and Police

Kamala Messed Up (again…) And Now Iran Using This Video in Anti-Israel Propaganda Campaign…

This Guy Believes Parents have No Say So in their Children’s Education…

White Supremacy Strikes Again…. but not. This lady makes claims based off opinion, yet not her own. She takes all the “magic words” that piss people off and throw them together to defend why killing babies is a constitutional right? I guess she skipped the whole “LIFE, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness” portion. To hell with you, Devil! You are not welcome here with your bald fucking ugly mug!

EVERYTHING Democrats are Guilty of, they (Democrats) have Accused Trump of



There ARE Still U.S. Citizens Trapped in Afghanistan…

Biden Attempts to punish anyone helping people escape from Afghanistan.

Non-Profit Leading the Charge in Rescuing U.S. Citizens from Taliban in Afghanistan

Surprise, Surprise, Biden Lies…

Border Invasion

85,000 Haitians Headed to OUR border. Why? Because We Allowed 12000 in Already. We Only Deported like what 2000-3000?

Pittbull – A Popular Artist Tells the Crowd Truth! Thank You Pittbull! Not Enough of those in your Community of Music stand up. I appreciate this and will Buy Your Products and Songs.

The World is With Us

CANADA: My heart bleeds for you…

AUSTRALIA: Our Hearts are With You!

U.S. Constitution Lessons

We the People: Majority sometimes needs Minority voice to be heard…


Not a Medial Doctor, and no scientific degree, yet Denies Natural Immunity Capability