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Facebook DOWN! And Instagram, and WhatsAPP.

In a bit of HILARIOUS news, Facebook and its other Monopoly companies are currently off the internet! I’m not sure when they will be back but Twitter seems to have taken up the “slack” as this has affected everyone’s day.
Personally, I find this funny as Fuck and feel Facebook deserves some downtime as who needs more of a break from Facebook than the actual company? I hope it lasts a few weeks but it likely won’t. Until then, have a merry laugh and enjoy the break from those communist pieces of shit!

Someone has already taken it upon themselves to offer the domain for sale. LOL

I’m informed by a British friend that this is only about 73 Euro. GREAT price, if you’re looking to move in. LOL




It’s an ODD Day, for sure. RED OCTOBER

Pretty much everyone in this video has persecuted anyone saying exactly what they said about the COVID-19 Vaccine. CHINA VIRUS Vaccine!

COID-19 And Border Invasion