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We the People Can Fix This (Continued Part II)

We the People Can Fix This (Continued Part II)

Document: Part 2 of Many

Part 3

In the previous document, I discussed some issues with the republican party and our lack of being united. So what is there to do about this? How can I have anything to do with the outcomes of the future republican party? How can I get involved? Where do I start? There are many questions I have myself. I have never involved myself much in politics. Politics was an auto-pilot where I wait 4 years for the 2 names and vote for president. Now that I see deeper into this rabbit hole, I realize how lost a person can become.

I do not have all the answers. Together we will discover this info with you on this journey. This is what I know and what I have experienced. For starters, I contacted via e-mail my local republican contact to ask how to take part in the republican party more. One week later, still no response. Kathi Smero at, if you see this blog I’m talking about you. I have noticed an up-tick in e-mails from the republican party asking for money though. I feel perhaps Kathi just submitted my e-mail address into a fund raising database so they can ask me for money multiple times a week. Kathi, that’s just lazy bitch! I sent an e-mail to you asking for how I can take part. I did not ask you where I can send a check, trusting it will go to the issues and people I support. Kathi, why assume I want to send a check to check a box? I do not trust you or anyone running the republican party.

So what do I do now that Kathi Smero (doesn’t that name sound made up all together)? I guess I work my way both horizontal and vertical. I start e-mailing other folks in nearby areas with equivalent positions as Kathi to compare who is going to do the right thing and who’s just another made-up name. I’m also going to go vertical, working my way up the chain in order to inform higher people that those below them are dropping the ball. I do not think the republican party realizes how angry we are. Perhaps they are so “out of the loop” with reality that they do not understand that the republican party has let everyone down. This is not just a “stupid democrats, won again” situation! This is cheating big time and although millions of us want investigations, the republican party did nothing. Let’s put that in perspective. The party who exists to represent their voters stood idle while democracy is being burned to the ground. You fool no one. Main stream media has zero trust from us, and if a republican throws out the same words and arguments that the mainstream does, we know we do not trust you either.

I think some in the republican party convince themselves that if they say the same thing that others say, then we will see they are telling the truth. The fact is, when you lie the same way others are lying you are no longer with us you are against us. If you sit idle while I ask what I can take part in, you are not with us you are against us. The concept is simple if you consider it. I am not happy with the outcome; you change. I do not change my expectations. You change the way you are handling the situation.

Lets use a sports analogy. If a football team is losing, the quarterback keeps throwing interceptions, the team changes tactics. Whether it’s putting in another quarterback, or to change to a running game, something changes. You will never see a quarterback who says “well the announcer said it’s over so it must be over we will play the next game and win.” Nope, in fact I believe if a quarterback quit, they would fire and replace the quarterback. Every one of you republicans who say “oh well we lost maybe in 4 years.” you need voted out and replaced. What you should have done was look into this obvious fraud that is all over the place. It’s funny, it reminds me of children in trouble when you catch them red-handed and they deny everything.

Me: What’s that in your hands?

Child: Nothing…

Me: No, I see it what is it?

Child: Nothing is in my hands…

Me: Look dude if I have to come over there and take it from you it’s going to be a bad day.


Me: Oh well then, nothing must be in your hands because you said it 3 times now. (not)

So, here I am, trying to figure out how to get involved. COVID is not much help at this point everyone who does not want real help or actual people involved use that as an excuse to not do their job. Look at the post office, I haven’t received one package on time from the post office since COVID started. I get daily e-mails of pictures of the mail I am supposed to find in my mailbox for the day, that are not in the mailbox by the end of the day. But that’s another issue for another time. Right now I am still trying to find out a nobody can do to help select those into the republican party. I’m half tempted just to see what I can pay to run for myself, just to get involved in something. Many positions out there have had only one person running for so long that a new person would get votes just to change things up. I do not know though; I have not figured out everything.

We the People Can Fix This

We the People Can Fix This

Document: Part 1 of Many


My name is David J. Brock. Within this document I am going to discuss my strong disapproval and disappointment with current officials and representatives in my United States of America. This is not a list of complaints as I find a list of complaints without recommendations for improvement is useless and a waste of everybody’s time. I am writing this to express my disappointment and profess my intention to commit to correcting these issues as they are devastating to this country and to the world.

First a little about me. Who the heck I am and where I am coming from? This information is important as there are several men and women out there saying and doing some great things, but I don’t know who they are or what their background is. I want you as a reader to have a bit of context behind me and my statements. For some things, I may provide “sources” or more places to get information, however, this is NOT an academic paper. I will not be regurgitating other smart people’s opinions or stats or studies. Within this statement are values and beliefs in which I feel, which is much bigger than what the regurgitation of academia could offer.


Who the Heck am I?

I was born and raised in Kansas City. Right next to the state line. I loved Kansas and hated Missouri, but “home” included each. In grade school, I attended St. Agnes Catholic School. In Highschool I went across the street to Bishop Miege Catholic High School. (pronounced: MEE–age). I realized early in high school that “private” school had become more about the money than the religion. It didn’t bother me that non-Catholics could attend if they paid tuition. My problem started when the “Catholic” part of the school became more of a side thought as we didn’t want to piss any non-Catholics off with our beliefs and shit. You know, like all life is sacred, don’t kill babies, those kinds of white supremacist racial hate speech things.

This is important to know because yes, I am Catholic. Much of my beliefs, values, and morals stem from my Catholic upbringing. Just as important is to understand that my parents never divorced. I also did not have any sort of abuse by anyone in my family. No extraordinary or tough stories, two brothers, two sisters, and a close-knit family.

After high school, I went to college and ended up graduating with a bachelor’s in business administration with a Major in Information Systems. Quite a mouthful, I know. I earned my degree from Pittsburg State University about 100 miles south of Kansas City. That’s right, not Pennsylvania, we left off the “H” on our Pittsburg.

Jobs and opportunities were not great, and I ended up enlisting into the United States Army, straight into Special Forces as a Communications Sergeant, and later as an Intelligence Sergeant. In the Army, I deployed to Afghanistan 3 times. From January 2008 until about July 2008, From July 2009 through April 2010, and From January 2011 through August 2011. After my last deployment, I signed up to earn a Master of Arts in Strategic Security Studies, from the National Defense University, paid for by the Army. I always promised my father that if I got a master’s degree on someone else’s dime, that I would.

Long story short, I ended up with a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) because of injuries from deployments. I had only spent 9 ½ years of the 20, which I had planned on when I ended up being retired with 80% disability. Unending war is hard on a body. My medical retirement was official in November 2015. Ever since then I spent my retirement teaching cybersecurity for different units in the DoD as a contractor still trying to help the country I love.

In these next sections I will discuss the fall (and or breakdown) of the Republican Party and the need for “we the people” (who is US, you and I) to rebuild the Republican Party. I will then outline a few things that a rebuilt Republican Party needs to focus on and go into greater detail with these solutions. I will finish by discussing how “we the people” can do in our daily lives to correct issues of representatives who do NOT represent “we the people” as we elected them to do.

Topic 1:

The Republican Party has shown their “true colors.” There seem to be 3 distinct groups within the party. There can be no unity within a party, if that party is split. In fact, there seems to be better off with NO party than a party divided.

First, we have a handful of republican representatives who do fight, and fight hard to represent those who voted them into office. This small but loyal and dedicated group of patriots are also those who are then attacked by democrats and media as being “extremist” and a danger to the other congressional representative. It’s a shame that the few who have the guts to stand up for what the people voted them into congress for are being persecuted by all of those not doing their jobs should be reason to fire most of these people. Imagine going to your job and doing such outstanding work that every lazy person at your place of employment can lie and get you fired. That’s what’s going on here.

Next, let’s discuss what I like to call the “career cowards.” These representatives are those who spend their entire career in politics more worried about losing their job than doing their job. They aren’t republicans in belief they are republicans because the location who elected them into office votes that direction. Had they been running in a democratic location; they would have run as a democrat because values and morals on issues are NOT something they do. They like to shut up, stay in the back, and go with whatever the majority votes on. They have no values, they have no morals, they want to just survive the next election. They are a waste of space and a waste of oxygen and in fact, I’m certain that if a democrat was in their place, you would see no difference that what we see today with these “republicans.”

These “career cowards” are dangerous to America’s future and our ability to maintain our freedoms and liberties because they are “soft.” Soft is no good. Soft can easily bent and sway to vote how someone else wants. Not how their voters (constituency) want. Those who voted (we the people) should be first on the list of how these representative votes on issues. But not with these cowards, it’s whoever they can stay in the middle and not get into trouble. These representatives are also piss poor public speakers. I’m curious to test that theory and will now go watch some videos of these cowards speaking and analyze them versus those who are fighting hard to do their job.

We term the last group of these people “R.I.N.O.”, which stands for Republican In Name Only. These representatives are not republicans at all. Not in any sense of the word. In fact, we can go a step further and call them traitors, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Although they should register as democrats, doing so ends their career. These representatives are however less dangerous than the “career cowards.” At least once a traitor’s colors show we can then look at that person and KNOW for certain where they stand. They will forever be traitors, and we need to expect that from them. Every time they stand, they stand for the OTHER side.

We as voters (we the people) need to stop being surprised every time they turn on us. We need to do a better job at investigating those who are running and where they stand on issues. Where do they come from in life? Where is the evidence that proves they aren’t just talk? We the people also need to hold the republican party responsible for taking on these traitors in the first place with no vetting of the party. Isn’t that the point of having a “party” is that those who are taking part in the basic most core beliefs OF the party? I have two words for the republican party “DO BETTER!!!”

You have one job assholes, to vet these men and women claiming to be what they are not! And you’re dropping the ball. All funding to the republican party needs to end if they refuse to support our core values and beliefs. Same goes for the cowards of the republican party, they need to go away just as fast as the R.I.N.O.’s. Winning a race is useless when these people are too spineless to represent us.


Topic 2:

I don’t know about you, but I for one sure as hell do NOT know what the Republican Party represents anymore. Democrats either. We the people need documentation that clearly states where the republican party stands on issues. Individuals who run as republicans and go against our own core beliefs as republicans, should at least receive discipline, and at most fired and replaced.

A core belief document would not have to be all-inclusive of all issues that exist. The point of having a “CORE” belief is to outline the handling of issues according to those core beliefs. Every MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) comes with a creed. Those working in the different fields memorize these creeds. Infantry has their creed, airborne has a creed, Special Forces has a creed. Everyone in these positions memories that creed and held accountable to those standards. It’s the core beliefs in those occupations of what’s expected. I feel the similar creeds are necessary for the different levels of government for the republican party. Individuals who wish to run for these positions must agree, memorize, and represent according to their creed which would reflect what “we the people” voted them into this position for. These folks who wish to run for office, if they do not agree with the creed, they can either choose to discuss their disagreements in front of a board of their republican peers and have their peers judge whether they could have a “waiver.” Anyone running who disagrees and gets a waiver for any discrepancy, they have with the creed there should be republican peers who will put their name on the line to vouch for why they allowed this. If their board of peers disagree with offering of a waiver or would not risk putting their name on the line to enable this individual to run, then that individual needs to go run as an Independent or go start their own party. Simple.


It’s All A Bit Overwhelming 28 January 2021

It’s All A Bit Overwhelming 28 January 2021

I’ll Admit, It’s All a Bit, Overwhelming!

You saw the amount of questions I had for yesterday’s post. And I’m telling you, everytime I turn around there’s more questions and less answers. At some point an individual (like me) will have to realize and understand that this is way too much for little old me. Especially with my whole audience who problably consists of family and a couple friends.

I have tried to focus on sharing everything I am seeing that brings up these questions and some of the info that attempts to answer these questions. Last night while reflecting on a few things and reading a bible, it hit me that everyone out there that I’m finding information has a theory to an answer and a timeframe. These are awesome and keep hope going and then let us all down when the timeline passes with nothing coming to fruition.

I looked into one of Mike Podesto’s tweets it was Hebrews 11:1, and ultimately it’s a definition of faith. Everyone who is attempting to be on top of what’s going on the answer comes down to Faith. It’s not so much a hope thing. God always wins, he’s in charge you know! But hoping that things magically get fixed without adding the necessary faith that God will take care of us is inconceivable.

Balance is a necessity

With that said, it’s like waiting on Christmas and trying to catch Santa Claus. Every little noise you hear is a reindeer or an elf. Every creek makes you jump out of bed to go see Santa Claus. Which just makes enjoying the moment quite impossible. With all these great answers of when everything will be “fixed” I have allowed myself to jump on every event that happened thinking “ok this is IT!” and it’s not. I want the answer so bad that I start creating an answer and a timeline. Everytime I am wrong I feel failure, abandoned, stabbed in the back. Why? Do I not still have faith that God will take care of me? I’m allowing strangers to dictate my emotions. My feelings of hope are all false if I forget to have faith, without I am certain to always be let down.

Ultimately, faith in God is hope that will never let us down. Man will let us down left and right. As a human, we all have faults and we are all imperfect. So who’s to say that because someone told me a date and time for all to be revealed is wrong? Is he a bad person? Is it his fault that my hope was crushed? No, he passed the message he felt he needed to pass. An attempt to pass a message you feel necessary to speak is God working through people to maintain that hope because God knows that as humans we need that next portion of reassurance. Do not confuse your hope and disappointment to be God nor that one man failing you. For as soon as you turn a corner there is more hope to be found as God allows others to pass messages that build hope.

Humans are Fallable

Naturally, we are all guilty of sin. As the humans we are, that God made us we want the bad to be gone and the good to be here and we want it all yesterday! Timing… My dad loved some of the old commedians who would all say that the key to comedy is timing. The key to many things is timing. It could be argued that God could have turned this all around months ago and we’d be in a better place. Well yes but with that said those who don’t see the evil going on around the world may not be capable of seeing it had God shielded everyone immediately.

Much like children (seeing as we are God’s children) some lessons in life must be experienced, not read, not heard, experienced. How would anyone know true happiness without first knowing true sadness? How could anyone recognize good without having bad to compare it to? Sometimes all that’s really up to us as mere mortals, is to pray, to have faith that God will answer our prayers, and to have faith that God will always love us and care for us.

If not for being Overwhelmed I would not know how to let it go

I have found myself obsessed with this and everything going wrong  since November. Nearly 3 months of being on edge, of questioning everything, distrust for Media, distrust for Social Media, distrust for those in charge of the country. My poor wife and kids have dealth with alot, and that’s just me being obsessed and angry.

I try to explain to my wife what I see is wrong and everything around and she doesn’t see it, I get angry and I yell, but she honestly hasn’t seen it. “Free Will” is a bitch sometimes because it means that everyone can choose good or evil without me tellng them what’s good or evil. The balance to this is that my wife sees good in everything, while I see the evil in everything. It’s God’s way of balancing us I think and lately I haven’t been listening or balanced.

Lets be honest

I lost faith when my father passed away. I have seen so much evil on my deployments that you start wondering if there really is any good out there. I have lost friends to war, of which I cannot count all of them. At times, I cannot recall all of them. Once my dad died, it pushed me over the edge. The “goodest” man I knew was no longer here to guide me. I lost direction, I lost enthusiasm for life, I lost motivation, and most devistatingly… I lost faith.

NOW… with what’s going on right now, I see the devastation of me losing faith. Unfortunately, God is now showing me the reason to have faith is essential. God works in funny ways you know. Ask for patience and He will give you opportunity to be more patient. Ask for faith, and God will give you opportunity and reason to have faith.

I will continue to share stories as I find them in an attempt to let everyone know the things I find or see that the News is NOT bringing, or that social media is blocking. But I will be taking a bit more time out of my day to rediscover faith in God. I highly reccomend to you as well. To take this time, and not fret about everything evil around, but rather focus your energy and spare time on building back up that faith that many of us have lost throughout life.

Shocking is the only word for it 27 January 2021

Shocking is the only word for it 27 January 2021

That Shit Don’t Make Sense!

In this section I’m going to point out some of my observations that my gut says just doesn’t add up.

To start, we’ll go with the 2020 Election

I don’t care who you are politically, religiously, colorly, or any otherly. That shit don’t make sense! Numbers flip flop while all counting is “stopped” and nobody in the federal system has the sense to say “yup that’s not right”? I don’t think yo have to be a genius to realize that Biden was falsely elected.

Next… ok so we “PRETEND” No Go Joe was elected. His inauguration is a conglomeration of nonsense.

  • While he’s swearing in there’s two girls standing behind him. The Camera changes angles and they are gone. WTF?
  • Ok so the OTHER inagurations after the new president speaks, they do a 21 gun salute to the new president. This would normally consist of 4 guns (3 to fire while one on standby) and 3 seconds between each shot. 21 shots only.
  • No Go Joe’s on the other hand had 3 guns, 10 second interval and nobody shows the 21 gun salute long enough to count 21 OR…. there isn’t 21. In which case the lesser number means something.
  • Add that to the meaning of the 3 guns and the 10 second interval you have a completely NOT for a new president 21 gun salute. In other words, that shit don’t make sense!
  • Then there is the laying of the wreath at the tomb of the soldier of the unknown… which DIDN’T happen. That’s right folks go watch the video again. The wreath was already there!
  • And don’t forget… we will bring up the fact that everyone attending (all 23 1/2 of them) looked like they were attending a funeral. I don’t care who you are it’s never too cold for a WIN! That shit don’t make sense!

Later, what’s up with him “signing executive orders”…

  • With a different pen for each
  • looking like blank pages
  • in one he mumbled on open mic “I don’t know what this is” and good ‘ol Kamala said “just sign it!”
  • and how many of those can one person sign in 6 friggin days? That shit all don’t make sense!

Also, let’s not forget his son Hunter!

  • This dude’s laptop has all kinds of crap that nobody wants to see. Mostly illegal crap! Why was this not tried during the Election?
  • Why is No Go Joe not in jail for doing business with his son and China?

This just opens a huge can of worms folks because now we follow the worm to…

  • He’s linked to Epstein? who else is linked to Epstein?
  • Why was the child trafficing and satan rituals not worth talking about?
  • Obama is on the list visiting Epsteins island? twice?
  • All the human trafficing, and we’re not investigating this shit?
  • The dude handing the impeachment paper to the senate is the same dude (Swallwell) who fucked a chinese spy and somehow still has a job? Not just any job but he’s head of the Intelligence Councel?

I’ll be honest folks I got in big trouble because I e-mailed MYSELF a file that had my login/password for the E-Benefits (not even an active duty national security account) and had to do weeks of retraining and pennance to get my damn clearance back to where I could work! You’re telling me that me sending ME my OWN information is enough to cause weeks of heartache, but fucking a chinese spy has ZERO consequenses? That shit don’t make sense!

On that note…

  • What’s Maxwell hiding? I posted someof her case info on this page it’s like 400 pages but like any legal dipshit it’s like triple spaced.
  • Why aren’t we more conserned with these children that were being used, abused, and murdered?
  • How have we not looked into “pizzagate”?
  • Who the fuck is in charge!?

I don’t know if you can tell but I’m furious! These are just a few of the questions that have come up for me since all this crap is going on. There is plenty more maybe I’ll post those tomorrow but I’m telling you. If you look at these they are all questions and no answers. Someone needs to answer for this shit. This is NO small thing! I just have to figure out who and how I’m going to have to start asking. Social Media and Main Stream Media don’t seem to give a shit! Everything they are putting out right now is a lie. Stories are changing left and right and they ALL change the same way. It’s not like CBS says it happened a certain way and then NBC said a different thing. NOPE they are all telling the same exact lies.




Maxwell Files

Producer of “Hunger Games” talks about Hollywood pedophiles

I’m not certain how long these video will remain online, I have linked it through YouTube, but I also downloaded it so I will figure a way to get it up online on my own server as well. Most I do this for anyways but this one is a little bigger and I have to upload differently.

“SHADOWGATE” – 2021 Documentary of the Shadow Government (Deep State) by Millie Weaver

I’m not certain how long these video will remain online, I have linked it through YouTube, but I also downloaded it so I will figure a way to get it up online on my own server as well. Most I do this for anyways but this one is a little bigger and I have to upload differently.

A Child’s Voice on Vimeo


Save America 26 January 2021

Pre-Recorded Inauguration


Priest from Rome