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The Great Awakening January 25 2021

The Great Awakening January 25 2021

X22 Report: Ep. 2386b – The Great Awakening, See The Difference, How Do You Inject Legal Evidence? Optics

I’m Fairly Certain, Federal Employees Cannot Participate in THIS

A beautiful mosaic of all those this person locked up and kept in past their time served.

Oh and side note… for those attempting to shame me by telling me that Kamala won’t hear me but my daughter will. Good! I want my daughter to NOT grow up to be a scum sucking leach of a whore. You cannot convince me that simply because she is a woman and vice president that we need our daughters to look up to these sleazy examples of what NOT to do. By letting your daughters look up to this YOU are telling them its ok to sleep your way to where you want to go. You are letting them see that positions are not earned they are given out in the name of equality which is ironic because my daughter is white “equal opportunity” does not apply. If you have a problem with me having a problem with this piece of shit, then just keep scrolling and block me on your way out. Everyone who looks over the evil to pretend things are good are not who I want in my corner.

“The Masterpiece”


“We Are Looking into having China to Rely on reguarding National Defense”- Lloyd Austin, Biden’s Nominee to lead Pentagon.

“Considering defunding, maybe disbanding U.S. Army” – Lloyd Austin, Biden’s Nominee to lead Pentagon.


January 14th 2021 and Crazy is an Understatement!

January 14th 2021 and Crazy is an Understatement!

The Plan

You do realize Federal employees cannot plan on taking over the government. Just saying… All these people should be tracked down and questioned about their participation in this as it deals with national security.

Communist News Network Agrees. The attack was preplanned NOT instigated by President Donald J. Trump!

Antifa BLM Attack

10 December 2020 Oh My It Just Keeps Coming!

10 December 2020 Oh My It Just Keeps Coming!

I Do What I Want Yo!

Yeah, Remember this Lady? DONE!




Bring Out Your Dead! *rings bell, pushes cart*


Yup, We All Saw This Coming!

Lin Wood… Love this Dude!

Bye Bye CCCCCCCCIIIIII A (See Ya, Get it?)


You Do Realize… He Didn’t HAVE To Put Up With This Shit, Right?


9 December 2020 Some Say the Nation is Divided but I see a Nation Uniting

9 December 2020 Some Say the Nation is Divided but I see a Nation Uniting

Some say The Nation is Dividing… I say it’s Re-Uniting

Today is my birthday, I turn 40 today. I was getting ready for today’s posts and gatherings of different stories and articles stating more details of how the election was stolen… and it hit me.

Serioulsy people, LOOK out at what’s going on. People have had enough of antifa, enough of BLM, enough of COVID, enough of Democrats being crooked. 

I see waves of Red, White, and Blue standing together in REAL protests. I see states, banding together to out the traitors of this Great Nation!

I see “LEADERS” who noone knew before taking charge and standing up for what’s right.

I see “regular people” testifying to truth even though they get death threats and TV comedians making fun of them.

I see God coming back into the limelight of what’s important. Don’t cancel Christmas, that will for certain lead to the majority of the US taking care of the evil. 

I see patriots proud of this country and standing up WITH those around them. 

We are NOT Divided

Look at the few who are against us. They use social media and main stream media to “appear” to be more than they are. 

Seriously, look at how many folks showed up to a Biden rally. Maybe 6???

How many showed up to see Biden address the nation on Thanksgiving?

I hear maybe 1000?

Where are these 80 million who voted for him? They are IMAGINARY and/or DEAD! They do not exist.

That means the MAJORITY right now if fighting the good fight to keep our President and our Great Nation. The slogan “Keep America Great” makes more sense than ever before. 

America is Re-Uniting

We are coming out by the droves. No terrorist (Antifa) is going to stand in the way. Portland is a temporary mistake that will get taken care of. Americans do not stand for this bullshit. Never have, never will.

Americans stand for the National Anthem.

Guilt will not be a decisive factor in keeping America GREAT!




Operation Warp Speed

8 December 2020 Tuesday Morning and President Trump is Still Your President

8 December 2020 Tuesday Morning and President Trump is Still Your President

Recap: December 6 “Trump Team Removes Members of Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board, Business Board

Fast Forward December 8  (Today): “Pentagon Installs 2 Trump Allies on Defense Advisory Board”

Interesting The Purpose of These Guys is this…

And Section 1 of the Executive Order mentioned in the post below this one is …



Trumps 46 Minute Speech was More than it Seems

Exibit A) The wording in Trump’s speech means things.

Exibit B) Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election Section 2, Subparagraph (a) (i) Describes WHO the government can sieze property and finances including coorporations.

In Depth Explanation:

Real People, REAL views!

Love these sorts of things!

Sounds like Dominion’s CEO Needs to Appear “or else”!

“Sounds like a lot of people are ready to unfriend Mark Zuckerberg.”

Rewind! Lets Talk More About Hunter Biden and China!

Dominion Sucks AGAIN… just sayin…

Texas Sues Swing States! That’s why we love Texas