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January 14th 2021 and Crazy is an Understatement!

The Plan You do realize Federal employees cannot plan on taking over the government. Just saying... All these people should be tracked down and questioned about their participation in this as it deals with national security. Communist...

11 December 2020 – When Did “Democrat” Change to “Democratic”

Wisconsin Hearing These Democrats are sad sorry wastes of oxygen. The Republicans have a few good comebacks for these chumps. For example "well maybe if you decided to come into work for once" LOL Big Tech Needs Knocked Down! Kind of a Big Deal For Me, If True I hope...

10 December 2020 Oh My It Just Keeps Coming!

I Do What I Want Yo! Yeah, Remember this Lady? DONE!   #ElectionGate   Bring Out Your Dead! *rings bell, pushes cart*   Yup, We All Saw This Coming! Lin Wood... Love this Dude! When You Fight Like A Flynn,The Bad Guys...

9 December 2020 Some Say the Nation is Divided but I see a Nation Uniting

Some say The Nation is Dividing... I say it's Re-Uniting Today is my birthday, I turn 40 today. I was getting ready for today's posts and gatherings of different stories and articles stating more details of how the election was stolen... and it hit me. Serioulsy...

8 December 2020 Tuesday Morning and President Trump is Still Your President

Recap: December 6 "Trump Team Removes Members of Pentagon's Defense Policy Board, Business Board Fast Forward December 8  (Today): "Pentagon Installs 2 Trump Allies on Defense Advisory Board" Interesting The Purpose of These Guys is this... And Section 1 of the...

30 November 2020 Happy Thanksgiving, Liberals are still assholes! Just sayin…

Arizona State Legislature hears evidence of voter fraud

Holy Shit! You want “evidence” watch this one! WOW

KRAKEN hits Georgia! Here’s full case filed.

KRAKEN hits Michigan! Here’s full case filed.

Thanksgiving “Protest”?

There are a few terms thrown into those who decide to tear up our monuments because of their misguided perspective of reality. They are:

  • Colonialization
  • Capitalism
  • Gentrification
  • Genocide

Ok so, lets take a look at each of these 5 dollar words and examine them closer.


According to webster dictionary online is 

the act of colonializing or being colonializedespecially subjugation by colonial policies

Ok so Doesn’t tell us a whole hell of a lot so lets look further into “colonializing”

According to webster dictionary online is

1a: to establish a colony in or on or of
colonize an island
b: to establish in a colony
the rights of colonized people
2: to send illegal or irregularly qualified voters into
colonizing doubtful districts
3: to infiltrate with usually subversive militants for propaganda and strategy reasons colonize industries

intransitive verb

: to make or establish a colony : SETTLE

Break it down!

Ok So this one tells us much more especially since the meaning most people intend colonize to mean is the last one, “to make or establish a colony : to settle.” Which is way different than the earlier definitions.

Take a look at number 2 and 3. I am pretty sure when a protestor is protesting colonization it’s because they interpret the meaning to be likely number 3) “to infiltrate with usually subversive militants for propaganda and strategy reasons colonize industries.” Of which I am certain nobody out there is saying “YAY Thanksgiving, the day we infiltrated subversive militants for propaganda and strategy reasons!”

In fact, I am CERTAIN, in my humble opinion, that until recent history colonize was used most often as the last (very last) as “to make or establish a colony: to settle.”

I mean seriously, those who first settled in the United states were really rather refugees who were running away from a land of persecution who’s main goal was to be able to have a fresh start and live their religion free from manipulation, control, and persecution.  I don’t know because I didn’t live in those days but I’m fairly confident nobody who was being persecuted for their religious beliefs thought, “hey we should go to america so we can enslave indians and force shit on them that would be awesome!” nobody!

So already your argument for  “Colonialization” is voted off the island, you’re reading the wrong definition or something because you can’t just use a word and willy nilly pick the meaning you want it to be. That’s not how words work.

OK so next up is:


According to websters dictionary online this word means

: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market

Break it down!

Which if you scroll down on merriam webster online you will also see that many confuse communism with socialism, and capitalism with democracy. I think these folks are mixed up because bringing capitalism anywhere is bringing someone or a culture into a free market where they can sell what they want for an amount they want, no government entity will dictate this, however the market itself will play a role in what the item is worth based on how many people want to puchase it, and how easy or difficult it is to produce. But I digress because that’s much more of an economics lesson then a Thanksgiving Day lesson.

Next up


So According to webster dicionary online this word means

: a process in which a poor area (as of a city) experiences an influx of middle-class or wealthy people who renovate and rebuild homes and businesses and which often results in an increase in property values and the displacement of earlier, usually poorer residents

Break it down!

So this was first used in 1962, and is COMPLETE bullshit because during the time of Pilgrims and indians, nobody moving to the future United States, didn’t get here rich. Most of them left everything and everyone they knew behind. When they got here they didn’t even understand farming because the land was so different. The indians had to teach them how to farm the land. It’s clear to me that anyone claiming Thanksgiving is celebration of any of these three words are completly lost and have never read a story about Christopher Columbus, the Pilgrims, or the Indians.

Genocide I’m not even going to define we’ll just go with that’s bullshit. You know as well as I do that the population of indians could have completely wiped out all pilgrims if they wanted to. There was NO WAY a handful of people got here, many of them die before winter’s over, and they’re going to kill an entire population of Indians? Bullshit!

Stay tuned…

 Standby one of my next articles is explaining war, why we cannot win a war in recent history, and the differences between war and genocide. (Yes they are different)


25 November 2020 The Kraken!

Pennsylvania Senate Majority Policy Committee Public Hearing Today! On Voter Fraud

or Click Here to View. Starts at 12:30 P.M.

Updated link to one that doesn’t cut out so often… 
Click Here for this video link.

The Kraken is Being Released in GA Today!

Arizona Republican Party Head Files Lawsuit to Inspect Mail-in Ballots

Jordan Peterson…



Flatten THESE curves!

How to be More Obediant: Tips and Tricks For Socialists

Trump Campaign Wins Court Case in Nevada.

Now able to present voter fraud evidence!

24 November 2020 Back to News!

Shortest Brief Ever! Media is PISSED!

This Asshole (a.k.a. NJ Governor) Doesn’t “GET” it!

People are not frustrated. People are down right pissed off that you think you’re high and mighty to interfere with God given rights! Seriously, why do people vote for these dummies?

Sidney Powell… WTF just happened?

A few days ago it came out that Powell was NOT part of the Trump lawyers. She is working independently donating her time along with a few other lawyers concerned about democracy. 

This announcement simply comes about because with Media telling us all what are facts or not, they will surely mix up who’s who. Sidney is not being paid by the Trump Campaign. Plain and simple. She is doing this because she is a patriot who believes in democracy.

Nobody should panic or think “hey they don’t believe her!” She never was part of the Trump legal team, she has some info that supports their info. Between the two they share similarities, but they are going after two separate issues. 

The article below states that Sidney Powell is filing in Georgia Wednesday. Hold on to your hats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Filing GA Lawsuit Wednesday:

23 November 2020 Lots of News, and I’m Distracted by Neighborhood “Karen”

Local Neighborhood “Karen”

Alrighty folks. So Up top on this is the scratchpicture of the day!

What is this picture? THIS is the scratch on a brand new mini cooper that belongs to a lady who moved into our neighborhood about 2 weeks ago.

Now I was called outside to her irately telling children who have been here all their lives “don’t ride your bikes here! you can’t ride your bikes here!”  And she explains to me that “your son scratched my car”

Ok Cool, here’s my insurance.

A couple days later she called my phone 8 times while I am trying to work, called the landlord who owns my property and her property, attempted to add me on her LinkedIn and e-mailed me to tell me…

“The damage will cost over 2000 dollars, my deductible is $1000, I need you to get back with me on paying me that today.”

Yeah, right!

Ok so long story short I’m posting the estimate she sent me, you can see that she’s trying to get her whole car panted over this scratch. Even talking to Geico (since it’s a bicycle not a car) they won’t cover it under my insurance so she needs to claim it under hers and have a Geico appraiser appraise the damage.

Geico is happy to have me because I sent in the photo’s of the scratch and the estimate of repainting the whole car. They are filing it so when she makes her claim they have that with it. Even Geico said “there’s no way that will cost 2000 dollars, that won’t even be high enough to meet her deductible.”

Geico told me to cut communication and said she’s on the brink of “harassment” and she needs to contact them and go through them. They can send me what their appraisal is and I can pay that but as of right now I’m not paying to repaint your entire car Karen!

Here’s the estimate she sent me…

This is just one page but I you can click on it for the entire document. Notice it covers most of the car, not the rear driver side quarter panel where the scratch is that can be buffed out.

I will post links to more stories later this evening but as of now my day has been wasted by Karen!


20 November 2020 And Still No Real Headlines from Major Networks

And the Media STILL Ignores Reality

What the hell is going on? After the conference held by Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, the media is quick to call “Mayor Giuliani a LIAR” and go straight to making fun of the hair dye in his sweat.


Remember those highschool days? For some of you those were litterally just yesterday. For others it may just seem like yesterday but for all of us you can remember when someone didn’t want to admit someone was right you insult their looks.

Now with Liberals, that task is an easy day I mean have you seen those pieces of shit? It looks like someone stepped on their face as soon as they were born. Some of them have a sex change and honestly I can’t tell.

But that’s besides the point. You see how I can instantly go to insulting someone’s looks? It’s childish and an easy way to distract people from what they see and hear.

Much like magic it’s to get your attention on something completely irrelevant so that you can get them to ignore what you are REALLY doing right in front of their noses.

Mamma said that lawyers are so angry because they have all these evidences and and no intelligent people in Media.

Seriously, how can anyone sit in this news conference and NOT think something was going on with the election?

Does the Media really think that anyone with a lick of sense could watch that, and then see the News go “liars hold a liar liar pants on fire conference” and believe the news?

This IS a big deal. There ARE a lot of people going to likely face jail time. MANY things are going to be apparent and changed in the near future. Yet you sit on camera and tell me “nothing’s going on here pay no attention.”

What have we become where Media thinks we are so retarded we take them for their word on this? Especially after what evidence was presented in the news conference?

Crazy is as Crazy Does…

Look, if you know me or any of my stories from you’ll know that I’m not the sanest person in the world. I’ve got “bout right” mix of sense and nonsense and I’ll tell ya at least I know WHAT crazy IS. Crazy is watching dozens of news stations read the same script across the country to tell us that they are telling us the truth and everyone else is liars, and believing that bullshit. Crazy is watching PRESIDENT Trumps laywers and thinking that they are the only people lying. Every other google search, twitter feed, and facebook post that has a warning that the election was won and nobody can say different. That’s fucking insane! Big Tech is too big. Big Media is too big, all of them should be shut down and CEO’s need prison time. That’s my two cents.

Opinion – David J. Brock

20 November 2020

Cheat Sheet for the Rest of US.

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal

Warning: Pro-Life Video, May make you think twice before killing a baby!

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal

Because THIS…

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal

The same people who:

  • Spied on President Trump’s campaign
  • Promoted the Russia hoax
  • Impeached the President because of a phone call
  • Called rioters and looters “peaceful protestors”

Want you to now believe there was nothing wrong with the integrity of the 2020 election.


Rep. Jim Jordan: Media Downplaying Trump Fraud Claims

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal

What do you know? Even more of what I have been saying. You have an entire impeachment based off one anonomous claim that nobody will every see or know who did it. The current admin legal team has hundreds if not thousands of sworn statements and you claim “no evidence?”


Whitehouse Press Briefing

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal

Attached is the whitehouse press conference today. Notice that the press is obsessed with “when will Trump leave” and “COVID bad.”

Where are the questions about accountability for these states with voter fraud?

Where are the questions about who approved this system for counting votes in Venezuela?


Counting Electoral Votes

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal

Below is a following document about counting electoral votes. For those who may have questions on this process.

Counting Electoral Votes

Obama… shut your mouth!

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal

YOU sir, have NO right even mentioning Navy SEALS. You are the reason a SEAL team died you prick!

“I don’t call on Activists” CNN butt hurt.

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal

Chaos Erupts

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal

De Ja Vu… Different Press Conference… Same questions…. Except this is more of everyone losing their minds!

Attached is the Vice President’s press conference today. Notice that the press is obsessed with “when will Trump leave” and “COVID bad.”

Where are the questions about accountability for these states with voter fraud?

Where are the questions about who approved this system for counting votes in Venezuela?

19 November 2020 #StopTheSteal

Sidney Powell confirms raid on server happened!

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal

“What’s NOT known is whether the good guys or bad guys got the server.”

Who are you with? ROFLMAO!

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal

Mayor Giuliani Breaks it Down

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal
That was Fast! YouTube ripped the live feed down already. I’m posting a couple portions of that from my other sources. Looking for the full version now!

Full Version is the 1st one… so far hasn’t been pulled.

Why is Media Covering Up?

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal

One thing is for certain, the media is a part of the problem. Social media, news media, all of it is part of the problem. Someone somewhere is pushing propaganda through these outlets to attempt to brain wash our own citizens.

I don’t know about you but that’s a huge “no no” that’s been illegal for a LONG time.

Opinion – David J. Brock

19 Nov 2020

House Republicans call for Congressional Probe into Election 2020

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal

Federalist 68 to 72 address the election and structure of the Presidency.

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal

Federalist No. 68 – The Mode of Electing the President, From the New York Packet (Hamilton) – Constituting America


Oh Yale No! This is AWESOME!

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal


Spec Ops Command reports directly to SecDef

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal

To those of you who are NOT familiar with the military or it’s chain of command this is a HUGE deal. There is something big going on and being looked at.

When SpecOps and Intel are told to report straight to the SecDef and avoid all other channels of communication, there is a big big issue.

Opinion – David J. Brock

19 Nov 2020


Arizona Governor won’t accept results

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal

Good job Governor!  This is not an easy stance with the threats that come with anyone who disagrees with Dems right now. 

Federalist 68 to 72 address the election and structure of the Presidency.

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal

Federalist No. 68 – The Mode of Electing the President, From the New York Packet (Hamilton) – Constituting America


Wisconsin agrees to partial recount

Voter Fraud Happened #StopTheSteal


18 November 2020 Headlines Worth Noting

Check out the NEW “NO Go Joe” Commemorative coin!

Alot like him declaring himself “President Elect” and having an imaginary “Office of the President-Elect”, this coin is representative of everything Biden has done!

3 Million to go to Wisconsin Recount

Shouldn’t Wisconsin be paying for it’s own recount? Just sayin…

Impressive is NOT the term for this. 

Kenosha, Wisconsin overwhelmingly voted for Trump

Apparently in a town ravaged by RIOTS and burning the town down. The town as a whole decided they want and need law and order. 

This Just in! Masks don’t do shit!

Study Finds “no statistically significant difference in coronavirus infection rates between mask-wearers and non-mask-wearers.”

Pfizer’s Delay in Vaccine Announcement could be political.

Surprise, surprise. Pfizer knew in October it had a vaccine, but waited until 6 days after the election to announce it. Why? Because they used money from Trump administration and tried to give credit to Biden. There’s a link there ya know…

OOOPS! 9,626 recount error in GA.

This is not really the time for oops! Let alone BIG oops. I would say 9,626 is a pretty big oops.

17 November 2020 Latest Updates!

Find more like this at!

They saved this video from the deletion of it from YouTube for “breaking it’s terms of service”??? Whatever they mean by that.

Ted Cruize Hands Twitter CEO His Ass on a Platter!

Dinesh D’Souza

“Endgame” what could happen where is the end of this shit? Dinesh explains it!

Dominion has Ties to Clinton Foundation and Nanci Pelosi

3rd Time NOT President Elect!


“No Go Joe” Not a president elect! His “office of president elect” is imaginary. There is no real “office of present elect” and even if there were…. He ain’t it!

Dave Rubin

The Anti-Racists are acting racist! More Bass Ackwards!

Not My President Elect

You figure “No Go Joe” is old enough to understand how this shit works!

My Sources of Information:


Dan Bongino Show

The Hodge Twins

Conservative Daily News

The Gateway Pundit

Louder With Crowder

The Epoch Times



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