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Monday 1 November 2021 Might Be Part of the Problem

You Might Be Part of the Problem I'm putting together a list of things to help all of us identify those individuals who might be part of the problem If you are "too good" to take ivermectin because someone, somewhere called it "horse dewormer", yet you put laundry...

Thursday 07 October 2021 Two Words “Weaponized Government”

Fight Back! Children's books Click Here! Weaponizing the Government   COVID-19 Vaccine  Facebook Lies Border Invasion    

Wednesday 06 October 2021 – Build Back Better = The New World Order = The Great Reset

Build Back Better Use your brain... Look at what's going on. Take a step back if needed. I'm only doing this mask thing because I'm being watched! You don't have to wear a mask. Rashid Taliban - Afghanistan Surrender Taliban let...

Monday 4 October 2021 – Facebook DOWN! ROFLMAO

Facebook DOWN! And Instagram, and WhatsAPP. In a bit of HILARIOUS news, Facebook and its other Monopoly companies are currently off the internet! I'm not sure when they will be back but Twitter seems to have taken up the "slack" as this has affected everyone's day....

1 October 2021 – Eyes on the Prize: never give up never surrender

Don't Be Distracted... Shit is Trying to Happen Behind You. For the 2nd Time, RedHead Bitch Denies Econ 101.... VOTE THEM OUT!!!! Durham and RussiaGate US Attorney Nominee (YES ATTORNEY) Against Crime and Police Kamala Messed Up (again...) And Now Iran Using This...

24 September 2021 – AZ Audit Report TODAY!

AZ Audit Released Today (Standby for Updates…)


Click Here to View

Also can view on RSBN (Right side Broadcast Network) — GREAT network for real information!

Huawei CFO Allowed to Return to China After Reaching Deal With US Prosecutors

Huh…. same time as Mid-Term Elections. THAT’S NOT SUSPICIOIUS AT ALL!



Hunter Biden’s Laptop – Shows he was asking for 2 Million to unfreeze 15 Billion…



Papers Leaked of Wuhan Lab’s Intention to Release COVID


Because The Vaccine is NOT a Vaccine…

Border Invasion

Biden LIES again, 15000 Illegal Haitians Released Inside America, NOT Deported Back to Hati


Seriously: How is it possible to have a non-bias investigation when the President of the UNITED STATES has already condemned people?

Bullshit and more bullshit. I seriously cannot stand the way this dude talks. Not to mention the fact that he’s an idiot. Every word that comes out of his mouth is complete trash.

The World Is Feeling the Pain – Our neighbors are with us and we with them.

CANADA: Toronto Climate Protestors Chant “Justin Trudeau’s F*cking Lying”

It’s actually pretty catchy chant…

AUSTRALIA: Door to door Intimidation

AUSTRALIA: Cops Keeping the City “Safe”

23 September 2021 Changing Format – Winds of change are coming

Arizona Audit Results Coming Friday 24 September 2021

Arizona Audit, [16.09.21 17:08]
[Forwarded from Arizona Informer Channel]
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is holding a meeting tomorrow, September 17th at 4:45 p.m., to discuss possible action regarding election subpoena, compliance and litigation
đź”— MCBOS Agenda (…/Meetings/ViewMeeting…#)
Live video feeds will be available on-line at:
www.Maricopa.Gov/324, or using webinar ID 937-976-171
To listen by telephone, dial (562) 247-8422, when prompted enter Audio Access code 593-869-463, then # at the prompt for the PIN
Meetings will not be active until the time and date of the meeting. Additional information or instructions will also be detailed on the Clerk of the Board’s website, www.Maricopa.Gov/324 (
Also, MCBOS public meetings are usually streamed on the Maricopa County YouTube channel (



Audo Leak of Steve Churcri admitting the election was bullshit.

Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri last night announced his resignation from the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors after The Gateway Pundit exposed his private comments about election concerns and the County’s earlier “bullsh*t audit”.

#BREAKING: Supreme Court of New York has dismissed the Dominion case against Rudy Giuliani. Patriots get a win!


Border Invasion

Maxine Waters Goes Ape Shit… (again) Starting Lies About the Border

Illegal Immigrants Highjack Buses (yes plural) Border Invasion

COVID Exposed! Fauci Lied!

Even England calls Pelosi for what she is.

12 August 2021 How do you feel about leaving Afghanistan?

Afghanistan with Matt Gaetz

I get asked often, “how do you feel about leaving Afghanistan?” As if anything I would have to say would make a difference. In my humble opinion, I would say “it’s long overdo, we should have left that shit hole a long time ago!” In fact, we shouldn’t have even had to deal with it. We should have gone there, realized Bin Ladin was NOT there, and searched elsewhere. There is nothing worth American lives in Afghanistan. Everyone is corrupt, and if you aren’t corrupt, you’re dead. It’s that simple!

Men treat women and children like livestock, and the women and children do any work, while the men do jack shit or go to town to get high. Where do most of the drugs in the world come from? Afghanistan! What do they do with wheat? trash it, you can’t make enough money with actual food as you can with poppy and marijuana. Matt says it better than I, in this video. So I thought I would share! Enjoy!

Lets Talk Declaration of Independence

I know the famous parts of the Declaration of Independence. Recent events however, have forced me to go back and start reading all of the words in this and the Constitution and boy! I am surprised at all that's in there that I didn't realize! Join me as I discuss the...

Trump Acquittal, what next? Lets talk about unity and organizing!

Trump Acquittal, what now? We need to organize. Tips on how to organize, free speech, separation of church and state, and finish off with some Call of Duty (CoD)

Impeachment Hearing and Democrats Leading the Pitty Party

Today I'm really just bitching about the impeachment hearings. These Democrats and their whining are absurd. We discuss the impeachment managers crying over things that aren't worth crying over and laugh about how the defense calls them out on their idiotic ways.

The Lies are Everywhere, the Hunt for Truth.

Lies are running ramped in the United States! AOC lies about having her life in danger, COVID-19 Lies, Vaccination lies, Election Fraud, Impeachment of President Donald Trump, Wal street, satanists what the actual fuck, over! How many lies are going on at once? Why is...

Teens Caught on cam Beating Pregnant Woman and her toddler

Teens Caught on cam Beating Pregnant Woman and her toddle! NFAC negligence causes injury to it's own members WTF NFAC? And what's the difference between calling another man a "penis" versus calling him a "dick"?

Hypocrisy of Democrats

Irony of the democrats. Kente cloth and the white people wearing it who don't deserve to wear it. Hypocrisy of Dems hating Trump and then doing the same thing themselves.

When protests turn to riots!

Audtopsies of George Floyd. When protests turn to riots! There's a difference as we discuss the differences between the protests and riots in America.

Discussion of George Floyd and the news immediately after the incident.

Discussion of George Floyd early after the news comes out.

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