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18 May 2021 Quite A Bit Going On

18 May 2021 Quite A Bit Going On

Dinesh D’Souza: Just When You Thought Don Lemon Couldn’t Get More Idiotic, He Says THIS About the Jan 6 Protests

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors are IDIOTS! And here’s why.

1) These people don’t seem to understand what a forensic copy of a machine is. We will put it into simple terms, a forensic copy is a READ ONLY copy of a certain system. It’s admissible in court because it cannot be modified. What else you should know about a forensic copy is it is literally a bit-by-bit transfer of information. This means that if the information on the disk is 1011001010…. it copies 1 then it copies 0 then it copies 0… etc. So there is no “moving” anything when you have a forensic copy of a drive. These assholes seem to ask their little cousin who fixed their internet questions about this audit.

2) The screenshot that they are so angry with is of a recovery tool. What a recovery tool does is simple. It reads the 1’s and 0’s and if there is data it looks for the index for that data. If there is no index, then that data was deleted.

So now lets discuss what a deletion of information on a computer does. A computer has an index at the very beginning. Much like the dewy decimal system in the library, this index lists where on the hard drive certain information is stored. Just as in the index card at the library tells the user which isle their book is located. Simple right? Ok so once you delete a file, it removes the index card. That’s it. Until something has been saved on TOP of that old information the information is still there.

So the equivalent is I tear up the index card at the library for a book written by mark Twain. I don’t throw away the book, I simply trash the index card. So now when a person visits the library, they can’t find the book because the card telling them where to look is missing. However, I can still go through the library one isle at a time to locate the book.


What you have in the screenshot is a bunch of files that do not have their “index card”.

This means someone deleted the files on this list.

Likely, if they were that easy to find on the hard drive, they can easily recover them.

Most likely they recovered them before even making this screen shot available.

In the written response,

….of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors seem to harp on “because it’s a copy of information it’s just located in a different spot” and “how do we know what your search is your search may be wrong.”

There was no search ran. So don’t worry about what search was running. (You are an idiot)

There was data on the “copy” that had no “index” which shows those files got deleted. (you’re still an idiot)

You deny many things that have nothing to do with what this software does. It shows that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has NO experience with computers or data recovery.

You have made it obvious you have no clue of how computer forensics work, and you would benefit from shutting your mouths unless you want to tell the Arizona Audit the password or whoo deleted the files. If you aren’t going to talk about those two things. SHUT UP.



Arizona Audit 26 April 2021

Arizona Audit 26 April 2021

Arizona Audit

Live Feed from Arizona AuditMuch is going on today, I wanted to share the Arizona audit. The most current information I have is that the Democrat Party is trying to stop or delay the ongoing audit by going to court. The judge overseeing the case last Friday, said he would put a temporary hold on the audit while he looked into the processes being used to ensure the security of voter information, but the Democrats would have to pay 1 million to cover the costs that would incur because of the delay. 

The Democrats did NOT pay this amount, so the audit continues. With that being said, the Judge excused himself from the case. The new judge assigned is giving the Democrats 10 days to gather information. Some say that the audit will probably be complete before those 10 days are up. 

With that being said, there are a couple of questions so far unanswered.

  • Why the change of heart with this judge? Bribes? Trying to get a more liberal judge? Threats? 
  • Why is the governor there refusing to provide security for these volunteers?
  • Why are the Democrats so incredibly panicked? 

Rumour is that systemic election fraud is already presenting itself in the audit. I guess the truth will present itself, and I hope you are all prepared. 

If you are interested in watching the audit process, you can click HERE and see for yourself. 

Much more to come, I just wanted to get back into writing posts. Check back often.