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18 November 2020 Headlines Worth Noting

18 November 2020 Headlines Worth Noting

Check out the NEW “NO Go Joe” Commemorative coin!

Alot like him declaring himself “President Elect” and having an imaginary “Office of the President-Elect”, this coin is representative of everything Biden has done!

3 Million to go to Wisconsin Recount

Shouldn’t Wisconsin be paying for it’s own recount? Just sayin…

Impressive is NOT the term for this. 

Kenosha, Wisconsin overwhelmingly voted for Trump

Apparently in a town ravaged by RIOTS and burning the town down. The town as a whole decided they want and need law and order. 

This Just in! Masks don’t do shit!

Study Finds “no statistically significant difference in coronavirus infection rates between mask-wearers and non-mask-wearers.”

Pfizer’s Delay in Vaccine Announcement could be political.

Surprise, surprise. Pfizer knew in October it had a vaccine, but waited until 6 days after the election to announce it. Why? Because they used money from Trump administration and tried to give credit to Biden. There’s a link there ya know…

OOOPS! 9,626 recount error in GA.

This is not really the time for oops! Let alone BIG oops. I would say 9,626 is a pretty big oops.