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Maryland Law Lets discuss this

Maryland Law Lets discuss this

Maryland Law
Race color descrimination

Maryland law discussion

Ok so today one of the stories in Maryland was passing a law that bans discrimation for employment based on the applicants hair texture and style. Simple enough, there’s a global pandemic going on… you know, the whole COVID-19 shit. Economy is going to hell and alot of good people out of work because, well you know… COVID-19 shit. Alot of people suffering and not able to get by day-to-day because you know… COVID-19 shit.


I pointed out that with all the things going on perhaps this is a retarded law for law makers to be working on at the moment. I use words like “retarded” and “waste of time” and was met with alot of great discussion points.

White Priviledge

First off I was called an idiot that wouldn’t understand because of the priviledge I enjoy being white. Make no mistake people, white priviledge is a myth. I would be willing to discus perhaps if you are the son/daughter of a famous singer/actor/football/baseball/soccer etc… then you are born into a very priviledged lifestyle and get everything handed to you. That’s been the story since time began. People with alot of money and fame get things because of who they are.

I, however, have never been offered anything for my whiteness. Not once. You would think that if there was a priviledge for being white I would have come across it once in my 39 years of life. NOPE! haven’t. I’ve worked hard for everything I have in life and continue to work hard to not lose what I have. I’m blessed and that’s from God not from being white.

I don’t understand

The next arguments is that I’m white and don’t know how it is to not be hired for a job because of the way my hair naturally grows. You are correct, I have never experienced that nor will I, becasue I make certain I dress for the job including hairstyle. I know things I can get away with and things I cannot get away with.

The argument following was that afro’s or dreads kept someone from a job and it’s prevelant in todays society and black women spend fortunes on their hair just to maintain so they can keep a job. Guess what? White women been spending fortunes on their hair for centuries and whether a woman has a job or not I gaurantee she’s going to want to look pretty. It’s part of life, that’s the way it is. Next thing  you know women with this argument will want their jobs to compensate them for hair maintenance in addition to hourly/salary wages. Which again, is retarded.

More arguments…

This law doesn’t affect or concern me so I can’t have an opinion I should mind my own business and focus on shit that does matter and affect me.

FALSE! I am a citizen here and the politicians work for me too. Spending time and money on shit that doesn’t matter IS in fact, a concern for me as a voter and a taxpayer. I can have opinions about anything and everything in fact because… well you know… FREEDOM! Yup that’s right! Nothing in the books says that if a law doesn’t concern a citizen then that citizen should not concern themselves with it.  If government officials are wasting my money then I have every right to say “stop it, that’s retarded!”

So before you go crazy…

Let me say this. NO, I do not think racial discrimination belongs anywhere. The waste of time is the fact that we have discrimination laws that include hair in the Federal Laws. The fact that the law makers here wasted time and money to make a new law, really just shows me that they are trying to appeal to certain group of people for votes.  I can see them now saying…

“Look, see, we just make a law that already exists and they think we’re doing it for them, then they vote for us!” Does it have to be a whole new law? “Hell no, too much work, lets just restate shit that’s already on the books, noone will look it up!”

If you don’t believe me, then go here and read for yourself. It’s not hard to find. It’s in like the first paragraph. You don’t even have to read much to find it.


So here’s my outlying argument, if it’s already illegal to discriminate based on being black, whether it’s skin color, way of talking, hair, dress, style, creed, religious belief of certain colors, whatever… if it’s already illegal why are we not enforcing it?

I get all kinds of people telling me how their hair can keep them from  a job because they know it’s black people’s hair and that this law is needed because it happens. But this is all bullshit. The law ALREADY exists. The law is NOT being enforced obviously if this is still happening. You aren’t fixing the problem. It’s not going to benefit ANYONE to have this new law.

The law makers in Maryland have you all fooled that they are helping you if you think this is a good law. Why don’t they make sure that the laws are being enforced? How is adding one more to the book of laws helping if you can’t already protect people from this? It’s a waste of time and money because it addresses NOTHING, it fixes NOTHING, it helps NOONE. It’s like taking cold medicine, it sure as hell doesn’t cure the common cold, but god damn my cough is gone for 4 hours.

I’ll never claim to be the brightest crayon in th box, but c’mon people rather than just yelling about making new laws why don’t you spend more time yelling that people broke the law and aren’t being held accountable or responsible? I’ll tell you what, you give the average American the right to throatpunch someone for breaking any discrimination law, that law would be working 10 times better. Knowing that if you tell someone no, because they are black or because their hair is black people hair, you’ll have a line of mother fuckers waiting to throat punch that dude/dudette.

Just sayin…