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The world is Bass Ackward

The world is Bass Ackward

What in the world is going on?

OK so, remember my last post? Where I said that it is NOT the end of the world? It’s still true. My heart is broken because the candidate I wanted to win this years presidential election seems to have lost the election.

So remember when I said everyone needs to just take a chill pill and realize that it is what it is and we need to continue life in this GREAT nation? Still true!

My thoughts on the situation:

I have heard several things about stealing the vote and voter fraud. This angers me more than who won or loss. Look the way I see it everyone needs a recount simply because there’s this cloud of “did fraud happen” hovering.

I do not see a big deal with recounting the votes, hell maybe this time they can count faster, but I just want the warm and fuzzy feeling that everybody’s vote counted and any illegitimate votes were either found or proved not to be there.

Last election someone brought up Russia and by God the whole world was in an uproar. Without evidence, without anything to prove this. Many great people got drug under the bus for that shit.

Yet this time someone says something isn’t right and all of the sudden news is pretending to be worried about facts and evidence? These two things, facts and evidence, have NEVER been a concern for media. Yet now that “No Go Joe” wins everyone is like “whoah…. it’s already been called man… no conspiracy theories!” 

So I’m baffled why this isn’t a concern? What I heard about this election was much more specific and plausible than “Russia” of last election. Yet nobody wants to hear it.


I don’t really give a fuck who wins, I want an investigation! The Russia investigation lasted 3 years and cost millions only to find out “nothing happened” so why the fuck am I the asshole if I want an investigation now?

I have prayed on it

And I have come to this conclusion. It’s in God’s hands not mine. I voted for my guy and that was my part. Cool. The world won’t end, I still believe that. I am just frustrated. I know I am not alone in my frustration, but guess what folks. It’s 4 more years before another big election, maybe they (the election folks) can work on it for next time around and make it feel more legitimate. 

One person made a good point of “you know what would have prevented any of this? Having to show an ID when you vote.” I’m certain that wouldn’t have prevented a few odds and ends voting without being legitimate, lets face it, there are some crooked mother fuckers out there. But it definately would have made everyone as a whole have a warm and fuzzy that those who voted proved they were who they said they were. 

To my Biden fans

I’m not whining or crying or pulling the “he’s not my president” crap. I fully believe in this great country, it’s checks and balances in place, and the fact that we have our freedoms. So before you take this and just go straight to “stop crying” understand that my concerns are for the country not for the man on either side.

In Conclusion:

I’m not happy with the outcome of the election. Because I voted I have the right to complain. I tell everyone if you don’t vote you can’t complain. 

I’m frustrated with how people like me are being treated when we want a simple thing to happen like “just go back and make sure the votes are 1) all accounted for and 2) all legitimate.” 

Finally, Socialism is not going to happen over night, just as the world is not over because of the results. I hated Obama and Clinton just as much as “No Go Joe”, and I’m still alive and kickin in this great non-socialist nation. So even if things get frustrating keep it in perspective people. We’re still the greatest nation that ever existed and God Bless America!