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17 November 2020 Latest Updates!

17 November 2020 Latest Updates!

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They saved this video from the deletion of it from YouTube for “breaking it’s terms of service”??? Whatever they mean by that.

Ted Cruize Hands Twitter CEO His Ass on a Platter!

Dinesh D’Souza

“Endgame” what could happen where is the end of this shit? Dinesh explains it!

Dominion has Ties to Clinton Foundation and Nanci Pelosi

3rd Time NOT President Elect!


“No Go Joe” Not a president elect! His “office of president elect” is imaginary. There is no real “office of present elect” and even if there were…. He ain’t it!

Dave Rubin

The Anti-Racists are acting racist! More Bass Ackwards!

Not My President Elect

You figure “No Go Joe” is old enough to understand how this shit works!