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4 December 2020 Weekly Wrap Up

4 December 2020 Weekly Wrap Up

Speech is More than a Speech. Again “words mean things”


Hodge Twins Suitcases of Ballots


She Fakes the Pass… and It’s a Handoff…. to the 20…. the 10…. Touchdown Biden Steals the Election!

Coincidence… I think NOT!


Dominion Voting Machines were Updated prior to Election

Ok so what does this mean?  Simple, even if the machines were “vetted” and “certified” at one point, all that changed when they updated the system. Nobody re-certified or re-vetted the machines. They ran a “test” to make sure it counted correctly with no error, but if the error is part of the program the test is going to come out fine.

ALSO you should know that the company who “audited” the Dominion Voting Machines, has previous relationship working with dominion. There’s a conflict of interest even before the audit happened that makes it beneficial to both for the “audit” to come out consistent with the numbers reported.

“I’ll Get a Disease and Resign”

I’m sorry folks but in story telling and movies that’s called “forshadowing.” So assuming we have to put up with this case of alzheimer’s and a slut, they already have a plan for “No Go Joe” to get a disease and resign! They are telling you straight to your face and there’s people out there will still be like “no… that’s not what he said” YES IT IS!!! It’s LITERALLY what he just SAID!

Ruby Freeman The Woman in the Tapes Pulling out Cases of Ballots

Click Here for the Article from!

AND she films herself! I can’t make this shit up!

Louder with Crowder

Love this guy! Thank you for what you do!

Ted Cruz Wants to Designate Muslim Brotherhood as They Are! A Terrorist Group!

This is at the bottom because this Douche Bag really doesn’t need attention,

but I’ve attached the link to his profile so Now you know one dude who immediately verbally attacks women if they don’t agree with him.