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Passive Aggressive Is the Only Words to Describe Today

Social Media CEO’s Ordered to Testify

social media ceo ordered to testifySo more about the last post about Facebook and Twitter. Now the CEO’s of these companies are being ordered to testify. I guess blocking whatever the hell they want has turned on them. Now they have to explain why they are assholes. They want to be the “keepers of free speech” but they are dictators of what you should and shouldn’t know.

I Wonder if…

They are going to bring their “independent fact-checkers” with them to testify. That would be great to identify who these smucks are in the first place. At the moment I”m convinced that it’s simply their way of blocking whatever they want. And fact-checkers are hired freelancers who write the same stories as those you see in the “30 celebrity’s without makeup” articles. Or the “celebrity pictures now and then, are they still beautiful?” 

You know the stories I’m talking about you clicked on those out of boredom and you have to be very cautious not to click on the ad that will take you somewhere else. They always show ONE picture at a time and  you have to find the “next” button that really is the “NEXT” not just an ad that looks like you have to click it to go forward.

Validity of the Story Confirmed By Biden’s Ex-Business Partner


biden ex business partnerThe story blocked by social media has proven to be more valid then Facebook or Twitter want you to believe.


Now Biden’s ex-business partner has come out to acknowledge the e-mails (since you know he is one of the recipients in them). How much more verification do you need to understand this is a problem then a dude who’s addressed IN the e-mail to say YES it really happened?


Damn media wants you to believe it’s still an “unverified” story and that there’s no weight behind it. Somehow it just magically appeared. Oh by the way this laptop was confiscated by the FBI in 2019 for an investigation of money laundering through China. Oh didn’t know that either did you?




Now we have all seen how this past administration handles snitches right? That’s right the ‘ole “snitches get dead” yup not even stitches, you just somehow get put on suicide watch and magically die. Speaking of which, why is it that seemingly everyone from the past administration is pushing so hard for “No-Go Joe” Biden for president?


I don’t know, but my guess with all this information coming to light is that they don’t want everyone to see how they were a part of it. I have never seen a presidential election where one candidate is backed so heavy by previous administration folks. 

NOPE, usually those previous dudes retire and say fuck this shit I’m done! There is nowhere to go after president that’s the top guy. Everyone else gets done with their 4-8 year stint and go into hiding (retirement) rarely to be seen but here and there. Sound familiar there non-combat pogues? 


Blast from the past:


Now he’s in “protective custody”. It happened pretty much immediately. What they go into on a few of these articles is that he was in a “minimum secu

rity white-collar crime prison.” He goes in to do some time then that’s it. He was ready to get released in a few months now. SO why put him into solitary? 

Solitary Confinement

protective custody tweet


Is just what it says, solitary. They put you in a room by yourself away fromall witnesses (I mean other criminals and prison guards) and you stay there. Seems to me like it’s two fold


  1. They want him disappeared and unavaliable for questions on this issue
  2. It’s much easier to make someone disappear or go mute when there’s no witnesses. Just sayin…

Whitehouse release of 60 Minutes Interview

The only way to summarize this is by a definition of a term that all of this comes down to…

Passive Aggressive

60 Minutes OutrageThe media wants outrage for the whitehouse releasing this too early? However, it seems to me from reading the articles they are more pissed that they it’s not “edited” and go on to say that “she didn’t say anything wrong or to provoke the president he’s overreacting.” That’s bullshit people, it’s called passive aggressive! It’s where you slam someone by the way you treat them yet you still use words that can enable you to claim you are innocent from any wrongdoing. I can’t beleive people fall for this shit!

webster definition of passive aggressive


White House’s Copy of the 60 Minute Interview

Just in case Facebook and Twitter decide to take this down I’ve saved a copy for all of you to view at your leasure. Also you now have a comparison against the edited version from 60 Minutes that supposively aired yesterday. I was too busy having fun with family to waste time watching that crap.

I guess since the week has started I should go back and view the edited version and compare myself.

Social-ist Media Determines What You Can and Cannot Read

Social-ist Media Determines What You Can and Cannot Read

Social-ist Media and Freedom of Censorship:

Where do I begin with this one? Really it’s alot of “no shit” with a healthy dose of “what you see is what you get” a.k.a. WYSIWYG (pronounced wiz-y-wig) So BIG NEWS out Facebook and Twitter censor stories and posts and all kinds of shit! Ummmmmm, yup been going on since the dawn of MyFaceTweetSnap-A-Gram. People have been bitching about this for forever, and now it’s in the news again because they censored the news? How’s it feel? Now that YOU’RE in “Facebook jail” it’s an issue? Everyone else was just full of shit and/or should have been blocked.

Lets Begin the Break Down

Ok, first of all, all of the news media is full of bias opinion stories that are combined with a few facts sprinkled in just to make us feel good about it. So I can’t really stand up for the so called “media” but “social media” is just as bad. Really it comes down to “free speech is cool until you disagree with me, then everything you said is a lie and fake news!”

What Just Happened?

New York Post Smoking Gun EmailsThe New York Post, put up an article about little Hunter Biden and his criminal relationship with Ukrain which includes the abuse of power from Hunter Biden’s daddy better known as democratic presidential candidate… “No-go Joe” Biden to me. (Frankly I just like the sound of it, it probably won’t catch on) 

Well this pissed off the supporters of “No-go Joe” as they don’t want him to look any worse than he already does all natural like. So immediately Facebook and Twitter took to the front-line battlefield to block all information that could make “No-go Joe” get less votes. (You thought Russia relationships were bad, you obviously haven’t related to Ukrain talk about a two-bit whore it’s like they can’t afford to be criminals with the “classy” socialists so they went with the cheapest, one step above terrorist)

And Now…

The whole world has gone crazy. How dare Facebook and Twitter block this? (that’s hypothetical folks, facebook and twitter has been blocking anything pro-life, pro-conservative, pro-catholic, pro-good, anti-bad for years now) Many other news outlets are putting up articles in the opinion section of how horrible the New York Post is for publishing this without investigating everything first.

Really??? Seriously??? When’s the last time a reporter actually investigated anything? It’s “here’s a juicy story, make it public before everyone else” that’s how it is.  I gaurantee, in my humble opinion, that any other news outlet would make this story disappear. Even after facts come out proven you will see Social Media and News Media all blocking the facts and truth. It’s like the Wizzard of Oz, “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

Independent Fact Checkers

Now the whole “we are going to have this checked by independent fact checkers” is bullshit. We know this, I’m not stating anything that is unknown. 

  • First: who the hell are these “fact checkers”
  • Second: How would these so-called “fact-checkers” in fact ensure that the facts are facts?
  • Third: EVERY-time… not sometimes, not once in a while, not here-and-there, but every damn time a fact-checker is called in, the story ranges from “completely false” to “not exactly true.” You cannot sit there and tell me that absolutely nothing in the story is a fact. Yet they make these generic headlines to warn people of stories they don’t want you to take seriously.
  • Lastly: I’ve found from my experience the worse the “fact-checkers” rate a story, the more truth it has. I’m pretty certain the “fact-checker” is some fat ass living in his mom’s basement who gets told what to say about a story and he puts it into a system and boom, there’s you’re answer. Many of the stories “fact-checkers” are checking, there is no friggin way you can convince me that you found the evidence to proove it’s NOT true. Unless this dude is some sort of Private-I with access to records that not everyone can even see let alone read through, then, maybe… but I highly doubt any “independent fact-checker” has the money to go everywhere needed to investigate. Also, don’t tell me it takes two seconds to a day to prove or disprove a story! I don’t buy that shit! CSI makes us all believe the police can find the killer in a few hours but much of real investigations take more along the lines of weeks/months/years. 

In Conclusion:

I don’t buy this fact-checking bullshit, they turn around and determine what’s fact and not just as quickly as a story gets published. That’s a lie, that cannot happen.

Facebook and Twitter have been blocking shit for years, which is why I keep a blog and my own server going because I can say whatever the hell I want and I don’t get flagged because I redirect to My page before I call the mutha fuckas out on their shit!

I’m not certain about a whole lot in life, but I’m damn sure this “No-go Joe” and Ukrain shit has been going on and needs to be investigated further. I’ll tell you what people, we are in the land of the free because of the brave. Here you are innocent until proven guilty. So lets open it up for investigation, go get the facts and come tell me what you find. I don’t want some “independent fact-checker” though I want certified people trained in investigations and laws and I want a full report. Lets hold this asshole accountable and guess what? If he’s innocent the truth shall set him free!