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Amy Coney Barrett vs. News Outlet

Amy Coney Barrett vs. News Outlet

First post of the future of CookieCrumb. I’m going to attempt to take this where my father wanted it to go, but keep in mind. My father was a very articulate man who was really good at communication and arguing his point. 

I, on the other hand, curse alot and call people bad na

mes because they are scum of the earth and do not deserve better. My father was much better at this than me.

Amy Coney Barrett vs. News Outlets

Fox 5 DC

What do I mean by this? Well first off lets start with this completely non-bias 

news outlet’s headline for the story… 

Now this is fox news, the news outlet that I throw up the least. This headline states that “Senate Democrats branded Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett a threat to the Affordable Care Act Monday at the start of a fast-tracked hearing that Republicans are confident will end with Barrett’s confirmation to replace the late Justice Ruth Bater Ginsburg before Election Day”

Let’s break this appart:

“Democrats branded her a threat to the affordable care act” (paraphrasing) Just simply including that part in there is subjective. It’s like introducing an article by stating “all these other folk hate this bitch but…”  even before viewing this it feels like she should not be there. But then again, on the republican side I’m like “well hell ya!” It’s the equivalent to starting the article by “Rightious saviour Amy Coney Barrett is here to fix all that is wrong with the laws and get rid of the hated “affordable care act” for first on her agenda. 

None of this is an accurate dipiction of what’s going on right now!

In the military:

We have this position called FNG (Fucking New Guy), and everyone from the Army knows the FNG has a probationary period of time in which to prove himself. Yeah I’ve heard what you USED to do, now put your money where your mouth is FNG! or Hey, FNG, stay in your cave until we’re ready to let other teams even realize you’re here, we don’t want to be associated if you’re a shitbag! 

The point?

My point is the headline alone is meant to tear us appart. Over ONE topic that may or may not even be an issue for the lady. Once she gets to the Surpreme Court she cannot just say “boom, all this shit is disappeared” nope there’s a whole bunch of other judges and they all get a vote on that matter. So cool your socks boys and girls there’s a process to this and it’s going to take time. The world was not created in one day, this Supreme Court nominee isn’t going to tear it appart in one day. Also, on the other side of that argument she’s not going to rebuild it in a day either.

Keeping shit in perspective:

reactionsSo here’s the poll I’m looking at. You see the thumbs up, happy faces, hearts, mad faces, sad faces. there’s a total of 165, and an overwhelming majority 101 who thumbs up and love this. So if you want to know where “public opinion” is, look at the reactions not the comments or the headline. 101 out of 165 love this is happening. 

All you folks out there trolling the comments section need to sit’n’spin for awhile and calm TF down. All excited that this is going to change “EVERYTHING” need to calm TF down. There’s so many checks and balances in our system that nothing is going to change overnight. Everyone who said if Trump wins they are leaving the country… they never left. They are still here unfortunately. Even Canada rejected a few of them. I don’t blame Canada at all. They don’t need the added drama of retards.